An Energy Service Company (ESCO) accreditation process can be implemented in an Energy Efficiency (EE) market to assess and accredit all companies wishing to operate as ESCOs and implement contracts that include performance conditions. Accreditation provides recognition of a firm’s competence in fulfilling certain standards of performance and is based on a review of certain of its activities but not […]

When: 11 May, 2021
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Since its beginning in 2012, the National Energy Efficiency Association of Chile (ANESCO Chile A.G.) has been in the front of promoting energy efficiency and the ESCO model in Chile, dealing with barriers and myths against EE in the public and private sectors. The growth of the ESCO sector and the disseminations of its benefits and visible achievements have been […]

When: 20 April, 2021
Where: GoToWebinar,

International experience demonstrates that energy service companies (ESCOs) can contribute substantially to scaling up implementation of EE projects. However, ESCOs face multiple barriers for their particular business model. Many of these are regulatory and policy based – and many are unintended. Governments can facilitate and promote the establishment and growth of ESCOs through legislative, regulatory and policy initiatives to overcome the barriers. Dilip R. Limaye […]

When: 23 March, 2021
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