ESCO associations

The map shows where ESCO Associations are established and which ones currently have partnered with the Global ESCO Network. Two regional associations have also joined, in Asia and Europe, marked with red pins. Equally, the Global ESCO Network’s locations in Copenhagen and Washington are indicated with red pins.

  • Copenhagen – Global ESCO Network
  • Washington DC – Efficiency Evaluation Organization (EVO)
  • Brussels eu.ESCO
  • Singapore – Asia-Pacific ESCO Industry Alliance (APEIA)

Below is a list of the ESCO Associations with links to their websites. If associations are missing, please let us know.


  • South Africa
    ESCO Association of South Africa (EASA)


  • Brazil
    Brazilian ESCO Association (ABESCO)
  • Canada
    Energy Services Association of Canada (ESAC)
  • Chile
    Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética (ANESCO)
  • Colombia
    Consejo Colombiano de Eficiencia Energetica (CCEE)
  • Mexico
    Asociación Nacional de Empresas de Eficiencia Energética (AMENEER)
  • United States of America
    National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO)


  • Australia
    Energy Efficiency Council (EEC)
  • China*
    ZGC Energy & Environment Service Industry Alliance (EESIA)
  • India*
    Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy (AEEE)
  • Indonesia*
    Asosiasi Perusahaan Penunjang Konservasi Energi Indonesia (APKENINDO)
  • Japan*
    Japan Association of Energy Service Companies (JAESCO)
  • Malaysia*
    Malaysia Association of Energy Service Companies (MAESCO)
  • New Zealand
    Energy Management Association of New Zealand (EMANZ)
  • Philippines*
    Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2)
  • Singapore*
    Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS)
  • South Korea*
    Korea Association of ESCO (KAESCO)
  • Taiwan*
    Taiwan Energy Service Association (TESA)
  • Thailand*
    Thai ESCO Association (ThaiESCO)

* = Members of APEIA


  • Austria
    Dienstleister Energieeffizienz und Contracting Austria (DECA)
  • Belgium
    Belgian ESCO Association (BELESCO)
  • Bulgaria
    Alliance For Energy Efficiency (AEE)
  • Czech Republic
    Asociace poskytovatelů energetických služeb (APES)
  • France
    The Federation of Energy-Environment Services (FEDENE)
  • Germany
    Verband für Wärmelieferung e.V. (VfW)
  • ltaly
    Federazione Italiana per l’uso Razionale dell’Energia (FIRE)
  • ltaly
    Associazione italiana delle Energy Service Company e degli Operatori dell’Efficienza Energetica (AssoESCO)
  • ltaly
    Federazione Nazionale delle ESCO (federesco)
  • Netherlands
    ESCoNetwerk (PPS Netwerk)
  • Portugal
    Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Serviços de Energia (APESE)
  • Romania
    Asociatia ESCOROM a Societatilor de Servicii Energetice din Romania (ESCOROM)
  • Slovakia
    Asociácia Poskytovateľov Energetických Služieb (APES)
  • Spain
    Asociación de Empresas de Mantenimiento Integral (AMI)
  • Spain
    Asociación de Empresas de Servicios Energéticos (ANESE)
  • Sweden
    Energieffektiviseringsföretagen (EEF)
  • Switzerland
    swissESCO (swissESCO)
  • United Kingdom
    Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA)

Middle East and North Africa

  • United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman
    Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC)